August 18′

You may have noticed the Kid Frolic Store is closed.  Don’t worry!  It’s only temporary.  We are out of town on a family trip for a couple weeks.  We’ll open the store Saturday, August 11th for orders and start shipping again Monday, August 13th.  We’re still available for inquiries – just shoot me an email – use our Contact page.


We are in those long warm summer days…  Dress-up is a great indoor activity for the kiddos.  Freshen up the kids pretend play stash and take advantage of a really great sale – Kid Frolic Austin is having a Summer Sale through the end of July.  Check out our costumes and toys at our online Store.

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June 2018:

Sale Stuff – it’s a good deal

I’m at it again.  Kid Frolic Austin has seen many changes over the past year.  I love the party supplies and handmade decorations aspect of this little business.  It was an excellent fit for the original Kid Frolic Austin, which was themed costume rentals for kids parties.  Alas, I’m not doing the rentals, the focus has changed from children’s party’s to costume/pretend play retail in the past 8 months.  In the near future, Kid Frolic Austin will take another step toward being handmade focused with the dress-up, pretend play, and winter/spring wear for the kiddos.  This means reorganizing and downsizing a bit, which means some good deals for you folks until I get my inventory settled.

February ’18

Just moved out of our studio.  Kid Frolic no longer has a physical location.  Yep, we’re just floating around in space now 😉   Our toys, dress-up, and party supplies are still available online.  Visit our Store.

Winter 2017/2018:

Store Offerings

Just added, three new sections!  Upcycled Play, Handmade Play, and Winter Wear.  Winter Wear is a little bit of a one-off from the rest of what you’ll find here at Kid Frolic Austin.  This winter I found that a lot of kiddos like the fingerless gloves.  So, I decided to make them available online along with a few other items all made by me, Angela.

New…ish,  Kids Costume Exchange!

In September and again in October 2017, we were able to host a free costume exchange.  It was so much fun!!  We look forward to more of these in 2018.  Follow us on social media to find out when these pop up.  Visit our Costume Exchange and Donate Costumes pages for more information.

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