Simple Single Favor

Planning a party is no easy task.  No matter how simple you want it to be, there is always the core list of items that cannot be avoided.  From the get-go there’s a decent list of things to do.  Planning the timeline, location, food, cake, decorations, table supplies, other random supplies, gifts for the party kid, and a favor gift for the guest kids.  Yep, I said “a favor gift”, not a party bag, or goodie bag; one gift for each kid.

The favor is an area where you can keep it simple.  One small (or medium, if you only have a few guests) sized token of appreciation.  Pick one item, purchase the number you think you’ll need, check that off your list.

It’s become the norm these days to do lute bags.  It’s a great idea, particularly if all the items are to the theme of your party.  Since the popularity of goodie bags, it feels like maybe the pressure is on…gotta have a bag full of teeny tiny toys.  Honestly, I think one item is easier for the kids to appreciate.  Kids practically live for random one off things!  You know how it is, we could give them a shoe box or a hand full of feathers and they would find a way to make it fun.

It may take a little bit longer to decide on the one gift favor, but it’s easier to purchase and will save you time on putting things together and most likely it won’t need a bag.

Some ideas for simple single favors:  Blind bags of all kinds!  Personally I really like the Play Mobil bags.  Hot Wheels, wands, masks, pirate patch or hat, personal size bag of kinetic sand, book of jokes, fancy pens, smelly pencils, sketchbooks, kids watercolor paints, headbands, animal key chains, hats or crowns or tails.

Open Studio 11-4

Kid Frolic Austin has a small but very nice selection of party plates, cups, and napkins.  Proud to supply handmade decorations made by Party at Your Door.  Party at Your Door is an Austin Mom-Company.

Troll Party – custom and reusable

I have been asked to do a Troll Party.  How Fun!!  After our initial meeting and an email or two, we have the list pretty well set.  Favors are always the big fun item:  felt hug time wristbands and troll hair headbands are the choice for handmade favor items.  So Cute!!  We found these on Pintrest.  Links to websites listed below for instructions if you find yourself unable to resist making these.

Pictured are supplies for the wristbands and table runners.  The white pieces are patterns I made from regular white paper.  It was perfect timing for Troll Hug Time wristlet supplies.  I found these purple and yellow sew-on velcro strips and glitter buttons on clearance!  Normally $3 each, I got velcro and buttons for .50 each.  That’s a saving of $12.50…love finding good deals!  Of course that savings is passed on the my customers 😉  Even though the wristband instructions call for stick-on velcro, I was already planning on sew-on.  I’m just like that.  I like to make things as sturdy as possible if it makes sense.

I’m very excited to be able to supply reusable items such as cloth table covers, cloth Troll table runners, small stainless steel forks and spoons, and paper flowers for wall decorations.  For added sparkle and shine there will be confetti tulle overlays on the food and gift tables.  We’ll be using a shiny stainless steel cake stand along with a large silver wrapped cake board to display cookies and acrylic crystal cut cake and knife server set.  All these items are rentable here at Kid Frolic Austin.

✤I’ll post updated photos during the week as all these materials get transformed into actual party goods.

Links:   at this site, search: DIY Troll Headbands


Pirate Party Decorations

I had a great time in Italy.  It was a well needed change of pace, after working hard to get the online store and studio in good order these past couple months.  Both still need a bit more attention, but the bulk is done, and things are moving in good directions. Now it’s time to refocus and get back to creating!  I’ll be working on pirate garland/banner/flags this week.

Kid Frolic Austin has handmade cardstock pirate garlands and felt pirate hats & eye patches made by Party at Your Door.  We’ve got pirate costumes for rent (or purchase).  We’ve got pirate paper plates, cups and napkins.  We need a few more options for decorations.  I love options!  Garland choices are great because a sting of color really does a lot to liven up an area and make it look festive.

Projects:   ✔︎ = done  ✤ = need to do

Large pirate flag –  ✔︎ make pattern for skull & cross bones,  ✔︎ press, measure, and cut all materials,  ✤ sew skull & cross bones to black material,  ✤ sew flag pieces together,  ✤ make fold over material to attach flag to string,  ✤ attach to string/rope.

Pirate garland –  ✔︎ Press materials,  ✤ cut shapes from pattern (previously made),  ✤ sew,  ✤ make long tape/string from material,  ✤ sew shapes to string.

These have been on the To Do list for a while now.  Must get these knocked out…

If you are in Austin, feel free to visit the studio during posted open times.  I’m always available by appointment if you are curious about Kid Frolic Austin or need some party supplies or costumes.  Check out the online store for handmade decorations, paper party wares, and pretend play fun stuff!