Altamira Fall Festival

We are happy to be participating at this fall festival!  Visit the Kid Frolic Austin booth for mask coloring this afternoon.  There will be a whole lot of festival fun and food at this event.

About Altamira:

Wayside – Altamira Academy is a tuition-free, college-preparatory charter school founded in 2015 as
Wayside Schools’ newest campus and serves grades PreK-4. Altamira Academy is a candidate school
for the International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP program.

Kids Costume Exchange Two

We’re doing another one!  To fun to resist, plus it is almost halloween.  Grab those costumes from home and join us for a Costume Exchange!  Bring a costume, take a costume.

+ color-a-mask  + sensory sand play  + story time  + Usborne Books  + free raffle  + 30% off retail purchases, including costume party reservations

Invite friends, the more participants, the more costumes, the more fun.

Early Drop-off encouraged

See Kids Costume Exchange for early drop-off and additional information.

See You Soon!!

Kids Birthday – best day for a party

Saturday is the first day that pops to mind.  It makes sense.  First day of the weekend, when many parents are free from work and the pressure of school and weekly choirs eases for a short time.  But Saturdays are often deceivingly busy.  Saturday is the Fit Everything In Day.  If something fun is going to happen, it’s gonna happen on Saturday.  Sports, shopping, out of town jaunts, play meet ups, adult social activities, the list goes on.

Then there is Sunday.  Poor ol’ Sunday, somehow, it always seems to be the runner up day, the day to pick if Saturday is absolutely not available.  Sunday is an equally great, if not better, day to have a birthday party celebration.  It’s my 1st pick for Best Day For A Party.  It usually feels more relaxed after having done all the running around the previous day.  Sunday between 10:30 and 11 is perfect for a party!  There is plenty of time to come down from the sugar and excitement of friends before switching gears toward the Monday mindset.

Friday afternoon deserves a look as well.  It’s my 2nd pick.  Especially if it’s going to be at a kids party place.  It’s going to be a lot more comfortable and much less chaotic for everyone.  About 1 hour after school lets out if it’s during the school year.  That will give enough time to get to the location and do a quick set up if your party is at a kids party place.  Alternatively, just enough time to get home and set food and cake out and do a last minute check that everything is in order if it’s at home.  Offering to carpool some of the kids is a nice option for the Friday party.  A couple hours, the group is disbanding, it’s time for dinner and soon bedtime (and probably some present opening for the birthday kid)… The party is done before the weekend has begun…what a relief.

Open Studio – what’s it all about

Kid Frolic Austin is a little business that, in addition to having a few name brand specialty items, also offers handmade items.  The hand crafted items are made by Angela at Kid Frolic Austin.  Kid Frolic also offers handmade decorations made by Party at Your Door, another Austin based Mom company.

Instead of a full blown retail shop (hopefully that’s next), Kid Frolic Austin has a studio office space located in a creative warehouse type building which is totally public friendly.  It’s a nice building in a good location just one block off of Lamar at Gibson St.  This is a work space where creating and making happens as well as a shop-shop, similar to a retail setup.  The space is a hybrid work and sell shop, our Studio.  We announce open hours as Open Studio times.