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We always accept donations of costumes in any condition. The majority of these costumes will go straight into our Costume Exchange.  Some of the costumes, especially the very well used, will be upcycled into new costumes and pretend play like wings and capes.

Have you heard?  Kid Frolic Austin will be hosting a Kids Costume Exchange regularly starting September 2017.  Donations and exchange turn-ins ahead of time are really great.  It gives swap day more options at start time.

Drop-off:  Costumes can be dropped anytime Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm or Saturdays when KFA has studio hours.  Kid Frolic Austin is located inside a creative commercial warehouse style building (it’s a nice one).  The lobby is opened all week, feel free to leave costumes anytime.  I’m in and out of the studio a lot, and will be there on the times listed on the Calendar.

If you are dropping costumes specifically for a costume exchange event and would like to receive an exchange voucher:  Please tag it with your name and email or shoot me an email with a description of the costume.  I’ll send you an exchange voucher.

We absolutely appreciate all donations!!

See Costume Exchange for the most current event information.

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