Upcycle that Costume

Upcycled costumes are important to Kid Frolic Austin.  It’s not always easy to find time to make significant progress in the upcycling department.  It’s time to refocus on what’s important!  In a few days, school will be back in session.  That means Mom, me, can get back to a steady work pace.  I’m very excited and looking forward to having some time to focus on the upcycle/reuse portion of Kid Frolic Austin.  Visit the Calendar here on the website for Open Hours, the unique upcycled items are only available in the studio.

By the way, Kid Frolic takes costume donations:  1107 S. 8th Street, 78704.  Near ish to Lamar Alamo Drafthouse.

The Big Balance

I love my family time!  I love my business time!  From week to week, things get criss-crossed and sometimes mashed together.  And that’s when things are running smooth!  Add extracurriculars, like vacations, friends, hobbies, and holidays, and then pile on anything unexpected… It can be a challenge to keep things balanced.

Scheduling open studio/shop times for Kid Frolic Austin is a jumble some weeks.  It’s always subject to change or cancellation, most especially if our kiddo gets sick.  Summer can be especially chaotic.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell all you busy mom’s about summer when the kids are home from school.  Summer is settling and the kids will be back in school in exactly three weeks from today.  I’m making a commitment to have the studio/shop open more days and longer hours.

I hope to meet many people shopping for pretend play items and party supplies!  Whether it’s at the shop or because I get to save you time and hand deliver to your residence.  Check out the calendar for open times, stop in to see what we’re up to.


Closed Studio, Open Online

I’ll be out of town from May 9th through May 20th. Kid Frolic Austin is not taking rental reservations for these dates.  Online is always open (minus hand delivery for these dates).  Use our online store to make reservations (for dates outside of 5/09 – 5/20) and to access our party goods and pretend play shop.  Looking forward to seeing you when I return.  Cheers!

Pretend Play

An enchanting period of life when children can imagine freely and learn through playing … such a sweet and fantastic thing to be a part of.  I admire and love all the “kid work” our daughter does without hesitation.  It has been the inspiration for Kid Frolic Austin!  We hope to add a sparkle and unforgettable memories with our service and products.  Cheers!

Working on Those New Year Goals!

Starting in April, we are having some big additions to our party inventory.  We are so happy to have custom handmade decorations by local business Party at Your Door!  They craft lots of party decorations and favors in themes that are the cutest!  We’ll be stocking a selection that will compliment our party themes and will be versatile for other types of party’s as well.

Kid Frolic Austin is looking forward to supplying more of your party needs with the addition of paper tableware and reusable items like table clothes, cake plates and dessert forks.

Our Favors section will soon be Fun & Favors.  We are adding items to shop rather than having custom only favors.  We are pleased to offer quality items from Little Adventures and Great Pretenders.  Wonderful items such as crowns, tiaras, gloves, wands, and fairy wings will be available for purchase in April.  My favorite are the shiny dragon wings and mask!  Just fabulous!  Shop our online store anytime!  We will continue to offer custom made favors too, so keep us in mind for your next party or get together!


It’s 2017 and there is so much to do and look forward to.  Kid Frolic Austin is adding handmade decorations for rent as well as for sale.  Also on the To Do list, make additional reusable party supplies available for rent.  Having items like fabric table clothes, cake stands/plates, and dessert forks and spoons available for rent (with delivery included) will make it easier to complete the party checklist and reduce a portion of throw away items.  Last, and probably the biggest change, Kid Frolic Austin is looking to transition into a children’s costume resale shop while continuing party rentals.  Looking forward to a fun and busy year.


Getting Started

Kid Frolic Austin is a brand new business here in Austin, Texas.  Inspired by our daughter’s love for dress-up play, my love for textiles, and my desire to create.  Looking forward to supplying fun dress-up for your kiddos!  -Angela