Troll Party – custom and reusable

I have been asked to do a Troll Party.  How Fun!!  After our initial meeting and an email or two, we have the list pretty well set.  Favors are always the big fun item:  felt hug time wristbands and troll hair headbands are the choice for handmade favor items.  So Cute!!  We found these on Pintrest.  Links to websites listed below for instructions if you find yourself unable to resist making these.

Pictured are supplies for the wristbands and table runners.  The white pieces are patterns I made from regular white paper.  It was perfect timing for Troll Hug Time wristlet supplies.  I found these purple and yellow sew-on velcro strips and glitter buttons on clearance!  Normally $3 each, I got velcro and buttons for .50 each.  That’s a saving of $12.50…love finding good deals!  Of course that savings is passed on the my customers 😉  Even though the wristband instructions call for stick-on velcro, I was already planning on sew-on.  I’m just like that.  I like to make things as sturdy as possible if it makes sense.

I’m very excited to be able to supply reusable items such as cloth table covers, cloth Troll table runners, small stainless steel forks and spoons, and paper flowers for wall decorations.  For added sparkle and shine there will be confetti tulle overlays on the food and gift tables.  We’ll be using a shiny stainless steel cake stand along with a large silver wrapped cake board to display cookies and acrylic crystal cut cake and knife server set.  All these items are rentable here at Kid Frolic Austin.

✤I’ll post updated photos during the week as all these materials get transformed into actual party goods.

Links:   at this site, search: DIY Troll Headbands


Pirate Decor update

The large pirate flag is coming along, slowly but surely.  The flag is 24″ x 30″, felt front with a black cotton backing.  I decided to hand stitch the skull and cross bones for the full handmade effect.  I’m thinking that I should have used the sewing machine :-/  it’s taking, oh… 1000 times longer  🙂  to get to the finish point.  It will have rope running along the top for easy hanging.  It’s going to look awesome when it’s done!  Will be available later this week on Kid Frolic Austin online store for rent (local) and for purchase (anywhere).  #pirate #pirateflag #piratedecor #pirateparty #partysupplies #skullandcrossbones #handmade

Pirate Party Decorations

I had a great time in Italy.  It was a well needed change of pace, after working hard to get the online store and studio in good order these past couple months.  Both still need a bit more attention, but the bulk is done, and things are moving in good directions. Now it’s time to refocus and get back to creating!  I’ll be working on pirate garland/banner/flags this week.

Kid Frolic Austin has handmade cardstock pirate garlands and felt pirate hats & eye patches made by Party at Your Door.  We’ve got pirate costumes for rent (or purchase).  We’ve got pirate paper plates, cups and napkins.  We need a few more options for decorations.  I love options!  Garland choices are great because a sting of color really does a lot to liven up an area and make it look festive.

Projects:   ✔︎ = done  ✤ = need to do

Large pirate flag –  ✔︎ make pattern for skull & cross bones,  ✔︎ press, measure, and cut all materials,  ✤ sew skull & cross bones to black material,  ✤ sew flag pieces together,  ✤ make fold over material to attach flag to string,  ✤ attach to string/rope.

Pirate garland –  ✔︎ Press materials,  ✤ cut shapes from pattern (previously made),  ✤ sew,  ✤ make long tape/string from material,  ✤ sew shapes to string.

These have been on the To Do list for a while now.  Must get these knocked out…

If you are in Austin, feel free to visit the studio during posted open times.  I’m always available by appointment if you are curious about Kid Frolic Austin or need some party supplies or costumes.  Check out the online store for handmade decorations, paper party wares, and pretend play fun stuff!

Closed Studio, Open Online

I’ll be out of town from May 9th through May 20th. Kid Frolic Austin is not taking rental reservations for these dates.  Online is always open (minus hand delivery for these dates).  Use our online store to make reservations (for dates outside of 5/09 – 5/20) and to access our party goods and pretend play shop.  Looking forward to seeing you when I return.  Cheers!

Costume Count

Throw a dress-up party without spending a ton of money.  Costume count for a dress-up party: 

In the invite, let guests know if there is a theme, suggest that each guest wear a costume.  Be sure to let them know there will be additional costumes at the party as well.  The kids (most of them anyways) will be thrilled at the prospect of dressing up and will come in one of their beloved costumes all geared up and in ready-to-play mode.  Some kids will love the quick change wardrobe options, many will be perfectly content to flaunt the wonderful costume they already chose just for this occasion.  It won’t take long for most kiddos to settle on their favorite, then it’s play, play, play. 

Depending on the number of guests, a range of 5-10 choices is great.  A handful of costumes can go a long way.  A few good dress-up options is enough to make it engaging.  Remember, not everyone is going to want to change.

Pretend Play

An enchanting period of life when children can imagine freely and learn through playing … such a sweet and fantastic thing to be a part of.  I admire and love all the “kid work” our daughter does without hesitation.  It has been the inspiration for Kid Frolic Austin!  We hope to add a sparkle and unforgettable memories with our service and products.  Cheers!

Kid Cellular Phone

Riding in the car the other day, I hear a sudden burst of aggression from the backseat of the car. I look to find our daughter “talking on the phone”. Politely, I wait until she is done with the call… turns out she is a coordinator/host of an event company and is making things clear because people aren’t getting the job done to her specs or on time.

Several more calls are needed to get things on track – to Maui (from Moana), Moana, and Cat Noir (from Miraculous). Here is her phone:

Working on Those New Year Goals!

Starting in April, we are having some big additions to our party inventory.  We are so happy to have custom handmade decorations by local business Party at Your Door!  They craft lots of party decorations and favors in themes that are the cutest!  We’ll be stocking a selection that will compliment our party themes and will be versatile for other types of party’s as well.

Kid Frolic Austin is looking forward to supplying more of your party needs with the addition of paper tableware and reusable items like table clothes, cake plates and dessert forks.

Our Favors section will soon be Fun & Favors.  We are adding items to shop rather than having custom only favors.  We are pleased to offer quality items from Little Adventures and Great Pretenders.  Wonderful items such as crowns, tiaras, gloves, wands, and fairy wings will be available for purchase in April.  My favorite are the shiny dragon wings and mask!  Just fabulous!  Shop our online store anytime!  We will continue to offer custom made favors too, so keep us in mind for your next party or get together!

Fairy & Dragon Costume Party!

Five days from now Kid Frolic Austin is teaming up with several local businesses here in Austin for a children’s dress-up party.  We’ll have fairy outfits, dragon capes, and knight costumes too.  We’ll be showing off some of our new costumes, wings, and capes.  So excited to meet Fancy Fluff, bringing bits of organic cotton candy.  Austin Learnshop will be guiding the kiddos with a watercolor activity.

Join us at Toybrary Austin Tuesday, March 28th at 10:30 am.  All kids ages 2-5 welcome.  $7 Stay-and-Play fee for non-members.


Blind Bags

Surprise toys in a bag or box.  Kids get pretty excited about the possibilities.  importas 300So many kinds to choose from too.  After just a few, our daughter latched on the Playmobil mini figure blind bags.  These are particularly fun because the kids get to put them together before they start playing.  Bonus features to these characters:  the pieces are interchangeable and they come with an accessory!  Extra fun!!

DSCN3839 Playmobil blind bags make a great favor.  It’s all you need, one bag per kid.  No putting together favor packs, no wrapping or crafting, no fuss.  Just purchase the appropriate amount and set them on a table for kids to grab and take (or open) at the end of the party.

Here in Austin we have a couple of really great, locally owned, toy stores that carry a few types of blind bags including the Playmobil figures.  They usually range from $3 – $4.DSCN3843

Be warned, these little characters might become addicting.  But it’s fun and encourages creative play.  The size is another bonus, they can easily be taken along to play with in the car or anywhere the kids might need something to do.