Small Business – always changing

It’s been awhile, and things have changed since last November.  Kid Frolic took a little holiday break then moved out of the studio off Lamar to become online only beginning March 2018.  Although I’d never intended this little business to be online only, not going to an office/studio most of the week does have it’s advantages.

The original intent, Kid Frolic Austin will be a small locally based business that provides quality and unique pretend play with online options for convenience and out of town customers.  I really wanted to make a go of the original party rental aspect too.  Of course, change comes quickly and sometimes with short planning for small businesses.  This little business has definitely seen some changes this past year in trying to find it’s groove.  Rentals are no longer an option, handmades and upcycled has not grown as fast as I wished.  On the other hand, I am so happy to be able to offer great quality handmade decorations from a locally owned mom business and the retail offerings, while mostly commercially based, are of nice quality from trusted brands.

I particularly love that I was able to organize and host costume exchanges!  It is my intent to continue this fun swap.

Despite changes, Kid Frolic Austin is still here with fun stuff for the kiddos – pretend play and handmade products.

Kids Costume Exchange Two

Sunday, October 22, 2017, 10am – 2pm

Kid Frolic Austin is thrilled to be hosting our 2nd Costume Exchange this weekend.  Our little event is an enjoyable time for all, kids and adults alike.  There will be plenty of masks to color and take home for the kiddos.  Plus, everyone enjoys the kinetic sand!  It’s hard to resist.

I can’t wait for the handmade cookies by Nando’s Cookies!  Nando’s Cookies is a local business owned and operated by Austin Mom and Cookie Artist Barbara Castro.  Find out more about Nando’s Cookies

We hope you can make it over by 11am.  It’s Storytime!  1-2 books will be read by Brittany Root.  Brittany is an Independent Book Consultant for Usborne Books & More.  She loves books and promotes reading for kids.  She’ll also have a great selection of books to shop at our event.  Find out more about Brittany Root and Usborne Books & More

Shop Kid Frolic Austin merchandise at 30% off!  First and only time this year to offer such a big discount on all retail and costumes reserved as a group for a party or play time.  Check out some of our kids stuff

It’s a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere at 1107 S. 8th Street, which is a modern warehouse style building owned and operated by Mercury Mambo.  The building is occupied by a variety of creative based businesses.  We have parking areas on either side of the building and street parking in front.

See you Sunday!

Kids Costume Exchange

Super excited about this weekends Costume Exchange!  Grab those outgrown or unused costumes and head over to Kid Frolic Austin’s Studio & Shop this Saturday, September 9th.  There will be masks to color, sensory sand play, storytime at 11:30, Usborne Books, and a free raffle.

Time:  11:00am – 2pm

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017

Place: 1107 S. 8th Street, Austin, 78704

Additional Information: on this site, Things to Know, Kids Costume Exchange

Pretend Play

An enchanting period of life when children can imagine freely and learn through playing … such a sweet and fantastic thing to be a part of.  I admire and love all the “kid work” our daughter does without hesitation.  It has been the inspiration for Kid Frolic Austin!  We hope to add a sparkle and unforgettable memories with our service and products.  Cheers!

Fairy & Dragon Costume Party!

Five days from now Kid Frolic Austin is teaming up with several local businesses here in Austin for a children’s dress-up party.  We’ll have fairy outfits, dragon capes, and knight costumes too.  We’ll be showing off some of our new costumes, wings, and capes.  So excited to meet Fancy Fluff, bringing bits of organic cotton candy.  Austin Learnshop will be guiding the kiddos with a watercolor activity.

Join us at Toybrary Austin Tuesday, March 28th at 10:30 am.  All kids ages 2-5 welcome.  $7 Stay-and-Play fee for non-members.


Anything Goes

dog food

A small pile of dog good for Dandelion Fuzz, the newest member to our daughter’s stuffed animal pack.  She’s a Husky we acquired in San Diego while visiting grandparents.  I love that Olivia can find a use for anything…and I mean anything.  I have to keep it in check by setting time limits, otherwise our house would be full of what appears to be trash.  Luckily, most items of this sort are used for a few days to a week then forgotten about.

How to make pet food:  2 Starburst wrappers, 1 Orbit gum wrapper, 1 dried up and broken piece of play dough (previously a surf board part), 1 medium strand of DMC floss, and 1-2 chopstick wrappers (depending on how hungry your pet is).

Natural for Children

Pretend play is a natural and fun way for children to learn!  Imaginative play teaches social skills and problem solving.  Children are learning about themselves and their environment when they engaging in pretend play roles.  Parents will see socio-dramatic play (fantasy play that includes other people) starting around 3 years old and older.  It is at this point children start to include more complex ideas and specific role playing in their play.  It’s also the point where parents will constantly hear “Will you play with me?” from our little creative kiddos. 

At our house, we are at the height of creative play.  Our daughter is constantly reenacting and making up scenarios for herself and her toys.  And of course, she is always eager to have another play companion.  I really enjoy this age (she’s 5) because it’s so amazing to me all the things she’s learned and her ability to generate ideas and interact with the world.  It’s delightful to observe her creativity. 

“Socio-dramatic play is the most advanced form of symbolic play and requires the use of imagination to carry out their roles. Children learn skills in negotiation, listening, sharing, taking turns, and respecting others’ feelings, thoughts, ideas, and physical space through socio-dramatic play.”   

“Children’s ability to engage in dramatic play is encouraged with toys that have more than one purpose, such as building blocks, containers, tools, costumes, and other props. Costumes and themed settings, such as play houses and play grocery stores, set the stage for dramatic play.”

Above quoted text from:

Getting Started

Kid Frolic Austin is a brand new business here in Austin, Texas.  Inspired by our daughter’s love for dress-up play, my love for textiles, and my desire to create.  Looking forward to supplying fun dress-up for your kiddos!  -Angela