Closed Studio, Open Online

I’ll be out of town from May 9th through May 20th. Kid Frolic Austin is not taking rental reservations for these dates.  Online is always open (minus hand delivery for these dates).  Use our online store to make reservations (for dates outside of 5/09 – 5/20) and to access our party goods and pretend play shop.  Looking forward to seeing you when I return.  Cheers!

Costume Count

Throw a dress-up party without spending a ton of money.  Costume count for a dress-up party: 

In the invite, let guests know if there is a theme, suggest that each guest wear a costume.  Be sure to let them know there will be additional costumes at the party as well.  The kids (most of them anyways) will be thrilled at the prospect of dressing up and will come in one of their beloved costumes all geared up and in ready-to-play mode.  Some kids will love the quick change wardrobe options, many will be perfectly content to flaunt the wonderful costume they already chose just for this occasion.  It won’t take long for most kiddos to settle on their favorite, then it’s play, play, play. 

Depending on the number of guests, a range of 5-10 choices is great.  A handful of costumes can go a long way.  A few good dress-up options is enough to make it engaging.  Remember, not everyone is going to want to change.

Pretend Play

An enchanting period of life when children can imagine freely and learn through playing … such a sweet and fantastic thing to be a part of.  I admire and love all the “kid work” our daughter does without hesitation.  It has been the inspiration for Kid Frolic Austin!  We hope to add a sparkle and unforgettable memories with our service and products.  Cheers!