Blind Bags

Surprise toys in a bag or box.  Kids get pretty excited about the possibilities.  importas 300So many kinds to choose from too.  After just a few, our daughter latched on the Playmobil mini figure blind bags.  These are particularly fun because the kids get to put them together before they start playing.  Bonus features to these characters:  the pieces are interchangeable and they come with an accessory!  Extra fun!!

DSCN3839 Playmobil blind bags make a great favor.  It’s all you need, one bag per kid.  No putting together favor packs, no wrapping or crafting, no fuss.  Just purchase the appropriate amount and set them on a table for kids to grab and take (or open) at the end of the party.

Here in Austin we have a couple of really great, locally owned, toy stores that carry a few types of blind bags including the Playmobil figures.  They usually range from $3 – $4.DSCN3843

Be warned, these little characters might become addicting.  But it’s fun and encourages creative play.  The size is another bonus, they can easily be taken along to play with in the car or anywhere the kids might need something to do.


It’s 2017 and there is so much to do and look forward to.  Kid Frolic Austin is adding handmade decorations for rent as well as for sale.  Also on the To Do list, make additional reusable party supplies available for rent.  Having items like fabric table clothes, cake stands/plates, and dessert forks and spoons available for rent (with delivery included) will make it easier to complete the party checklist and reduce a portion of throw away items.  Last, and probably the biggest change, Kid Frolic Austin is looking to transition into a children’s costume resale shop while continuing party rentals.  Looking forward to a fun and busy year.