Oh Shiny Ribbon

dscn3656Little girls and boys everywhere appreciate and find joy in simple things.  It’s difficult to resist such a find as a colorful ribbon.  Simple necklaces, bracelets, and lanyards can be fashioned from ribbon to make a sweet party favor.  They can be sewn or tied or have any assortment of clasps attached.  Just remember to make it easy for the kids to put on and take off.   Beads can be fancy and festive.  Shiny gems and dragon pendants are perfect for a princess or knights party.

Treasure Box Party Favor

reusable boxThis is a really great favor the kids will use for months (maybe years!) to come. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you desire. These little boxes are very handy for treasure, tiny toys, pretend small pet beds, hair accessories, play kitchen organizer, sticker collections, crayons, you get the idea…

Decide on a reusable box – I used little plastic flip top boxes from Ikea (kids department). They come in a small color variety pack and they are $3.99 for a four pack. Craft stores are likely to have a variety of small wooden boxes.

Add pocket sized treasure to your boxes! It doesn’t have to be filled, just enough to let the kids sift through the treasures. Kids light up at the sight of sparkling jewels! I love it.

dscn3652I divided the following items into my boxes: 1 large bag of jewels, 2 packages of foam sparkle stickers, 1 bag of plastic jewel rings, some princess/knight buttons, and one small pack of variety buttons. I wanted to supply enough treasure so the kids would have the option to get creative and decorate the outside of the box.