Flower Marker

This is a super easy and fun favor.  The three items to make this: kids markers, floral tape, sturdy fake flowers. Cut the stems (leaving a good inch and a half to 2 inches), and tape em’ to the markers.  A good amount of tape that covers the entire stem will look and hold the best.  DSCN3096

Kids love to color and a create.  This favor will be used for months to come.  It is versatile, it can be used for fairy, princess, butterfly, garden tea party, and color themed parties. Combine it with related items such as coloring sheets or mini flower pots. Use it to indulge the kiddos in a fun party craft before giving to each guest.  Use it to decorate a table.  Lots of options with this one.  This particular pen was made by a friend of mine for a butterfly party.